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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 7 in Ecuador

The Baptism Saturday was awesome. We had a great christmas dinner and also put on skits.

Below are some random Photo's  The Christmas dinner with the Mission President and his wife.  The Baptism, The Stuff the youth are going to burn on New years, my companion and I cleaning the font, my birthday pizza dinner.

Love Elder Roney

P.S. Buddy you forgot to mention the birthday tradition on the mission...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 6 in Ecuador

We wear our suites Sundays and days we see President so not too much. The lady that cuts our hair is a member so she knows the mission rules. Below are pictures of more recent converts and some native members.  We cant email each other (Other missionary friends in Ecuador) in the mission but i saw him Friday for verifications and he is doing a lot better. I got another companion today and he is another american which is awesome. I did get the packages and set the tree on top of our stacks of scriptures. I am doing great here. Nothing too new is going on. Our dinner with president is next Monday so i have p day on Tuesday next week.  Our Font we baptize people in is pretty gross and the water turns green.  

Elder Roney

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 5 in Ecuador

We had another baptism this week and also got to see some volcanoes at sunset which was cool. Nothing too interesting has happened.

Elder Roney

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 4 in Ecuador

The first baptism was awesome. His brother leaves for his mission in 16 days and he traveled 8 hours to do the baptism. We also set up three people for the day after christmas and one on my birthday. And the last person we baptized his wife is getting baptized this week. I am doing great.

We played dodgeball and capture the flag today. We broke a window throwing a roll of toilet paper as the ball.  We wrapped them in tape so they would hurt a little.

One of our recent converts has the job of making Sushi and he said he is gonna teach me how to make it.  We didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving until a few days after.

No packages yet zone leaders go every two weeks and they went last monday so i have to wait till Thursday. We transfers are every 6 weeks so i have at least two weeks here but i am most likely staying here with the same companion cause training is 12 weeks. Oh speaking of 6 weeks apparently it doesnt divide into 2 years evenly and most people here get back 17 days early.  You guys have a good week too.

Elder Roney