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Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 38 in Ecuador

I Have been good. Interesting stuff from this week... well we some how ended up pushing some lady in her wheelchair for like an hour and she told us to leave her in front of a store... Well that was Tuesday and we pass her house almost every day and havent seen her since so we are confused at what happened to her. We also had a ton of meetings so we didnt have too much time to work.

Today we got to go and tour Teleferiqo.  It was cold up at the top.

Love Elder Roney

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 37 in Ecuador

My week was pretty good. Not too much new happened. We have been busy with lessons. One of our investigaters we plan surprise visits to always keep him reading and everything. Somehow every single time we visit he reads the lesson we had planned. For example we were planning on teaching about baptism.... he read the chapter in gospel principles book right before our visit and said thats what he wanted to talk about. Same thing with the Restoration and plan of salvation so he is pretty much set for baptism the 30th of this month. Not too much crazy stuff really happened though other than that.

Elder Roney

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 36 in Ecuador

I forgot to tell you what happened two weeks ago. So we were walking down a hill and this dude walks up to us at night and we shake his hand and i felt the back of a knife and was like oh this should be fun.... then he tells us to give all we had... i reached in my pocket and gave him 25 cents and my comp gave him a dollar. Then he also took our phone and kept walking. We decided to contact him and gave him a restoration pamphlet and he decided to give the phone back. Funny parts of the story....... He asked where we were going after he took the money and my comp said the store to buy stuff. Then he asked where i am from which is obvious i have more money on me. We had our cameras and everything in our bags and he only took like a dollar fifty.

Tons of dogs always try to attack us.  There are normally more and yes they do attack.

Just teaching the cops no big deal.  They are our investigaters and they work with people that have small problems and have given us 20 references but before they give them they talk to them and ask if they want to meet with them and that we can help them out. They also are really prepared but work Sunday so its hard to baptize them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 35 in Ecuador

This week I met my new Mission President.  He is really cool and his son had Uncle Blake as his Mission President.  I have not been feeling well and have a cold this week.  I think its from the weather change from coast to mountains.  

Love, Elder Roney