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Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 21 in Ecuador

I am doing great and i cant wait for easter in the states. Easter here was people sleeping or drinking all week which was SUPER FUN.

We just met with people we normaly do and didnt really find any new people.   My week has been filled with tons of rain so its not been too bad. No baptisms this month but we have some planned in two weeks.


Elder Roney

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 20 in Ecuador

I dont have any pics this week sorry ive been a little busy to take pictures (im the english tutor and have to do classes for my district thursdays and record information to report to my presidents wife). My week was great... not too many new bug bites which is good. Not really any new investigaters this week because we are focusing on the old ones at the moment. I think that if i get to pick where i want to end my mission i might pick here as a district leader because the district leader gets to go with a zone leader every once in a while to this island thats four hours away in a canoe and they baptize the people that have been taught by the members there. Last weekend they got to baptize 8 people in the river there. Hardest part of the week i think is just that its super humid here but i can live with it. Most spiritual moment was Elder Gallardos talk in sacrament (my district leader).

We dont have any plans for easter. Palm Sunday here is impossible to work because every one is crowded outside the catholic church playing music and stuff so no one is home to teach. I get to watch conference at church but it is gonna be in spanish but oh well i will get most of what they talk about as long as i dont fall asleep (more reason to pay atention). I didnt get the package yet because i am super far from the mission office. I am 6 hours away from the offices.

My companion is great and he only has one change more then in the mission so he likes to work hard which is good. Sector is pretty cool and i can buy clothes cheap here. I am gonna buy two new pairs of pants because the sun kills pants in this country my black ones look like a brownish purple color now. And I also might buy a new suit too here to have another one to wear. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 19 in Ecuador

There is no daylight savings time in South America which is good. Idk if i had too many spiritual expirences this week but one day we were walking and we passed a house that was playing really loud music and then felt like we needed to go back so we did and it was a lady that goes to church when she is on vacation in south part of ecaudor and doesn't go here because she didn't know we had a chapel here. So only part I don't like about my sector is its super hot and humid but i can deal with it.... the part thats worse is the mosquitos that don't care if you have bug spray or not. There havent been any storms it just rained a little last night. Language is going fine so thats good.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 18 in Ecuador

Well the package might take a while to get to me because I got transferred.... 5 hours in bus almost to the coast. Its super humid here and there is also lots of cool stuff. Like these motorcycle taxi things. Only story i really have is that i got off the bus and no one was there to get me so i had to walk a mile with all my stuff to find a phone and then no one answered for 30 minutes until i decided to call president. After i called him the zone leaders answered the phone right away because he talked to them. 

Oh and here is a picture from the baptisms a week a go with president.

Me with my companion last companion

Here are some pictures from my bus ride today