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Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 52 in Ecuador

Elder Roney had to leave Coca Ecuador and head to Quito Ecuador to find out what was wrong with him health wise.  He is doing a lot better. He had some virus and bacteria infection in his intestines which wasnt fun at all but he is doing a lot better now and will hopefully be able to go back to his sector  Wednesday if his tests come back good.  We are so grateful for his improved health.  

There are always ants here

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 51 in Ecuador

I got chikunguya from the mosquitos which is a new experience.   It isnt fun.  I put on repellant and i eat all the pills that are supposed to protect you too but the mosquitos still bite me even if they die doing it.  Not really improving too much. My whole body hurts and i pretty much cant stand or walk for more than 30 minutes at a time without getting tired.  I am taking medicine and it should be gone in like 3ish days.  At least i got this and not the other disease that the mosquitos here have.  The nurse told me to take parasetamol, pray, drink water, and walk slow and i should be better after 3-10days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 50 in Ecuador

Its kinda hard to use the computers alot because there are always viruses and the computers dont work well at all. This week we spent most of our time trying to find a new house so that wasnt fun at all. Pretty much we had to drop all our lessons to look for a house closer to our sector and that was a better place for missionaries.  Our ward mission leader gave us some tiny fruit that looked like a grape and it tasted alright but the crazy part is after eating it everything taste super sweet. For example we were eating lemons after and they tasted sweeter than oranges.

I have done lots of cool stuff. I liked playing soccer on the beach. I cant send pictures cause the computer is filled with viruses but next week i will. I will look for a better computer next week.

Madison and Cameron e-mail one another in spanish.  Here is what he wrote his sister.  I have no clue what it says.

Primero porque estas hablando español? jajaja Yo estoy muy bien sufriendo un poco en el calor de la selva pero todo bien. Que bacán ge le gusta escuela, yo odiaba escuela bastante. Yo solo estoy leyendo el libro de mormón cada rato. Que chevere que tiene bastantes amigos. Estoy feliz que esta feliz
Love Elder Roney

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 49 in Ecuador

Hey mom I am doing great. My sector is the jungle. My companion is elder Ureta from peru. I dont know too much about my sector though cause i got here Monday night, worked Tueday, and then had to travel to quito and was there Wednesday to Friday doing my visa...... yeah that was 50$ in travel that i am going to get reimburssed soon. The mission goes faster everyday. It is super hot here but it seams a ton like the coast which i like. We dont use suits to church..... which is good cause mine kinda got a little beat up in quito during conference. There is an island here called island of the monkeys where there are monkeys and we can go paintballing.  We are right by the amazon river and that will be where we baptize people.  There are Piranhas in the water.  Hopefully they wont bite.

marco doing some grafiti a few weeks ago

Marco also gifted me a beanie before I left

The rain comes out of nowhere here

rain + being late to conference+ a giant down hill fall and slide 

Ruined suite pants and belt

travel to coca 9 hour bus ride!!!!

Jungle life

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 48 in Ecuador

I got transferred this week and missed my p-day because I had a six hour bus ride to get to my new location.  I will e-mail you next p-day.