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Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 12 in Ecuador

Not too much happened this week... Got hugged by some drunk guy, Found someone that speaks english and apparently i cant talk about church stuff in english anymore. Yes i had changes but i only moved 20 minutes away. Right now i am in Zone Quito Este, Sector La Luz 2 and my companion is Elder Ferruzola and he is a latino.  Below are some pictures of my new place.  I am going to be here for at least three changes most likely because my companion finishes his mission the end of the next change and i will have to show the area to the new missionary before i leave. Last night i gave a member a blessing... no clue what i said though.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 11 in Ecuador

My week has been awsome!! Tuesday Elder Godoy from the area  70 came to talk to the missionaries and I was  1 of 5 to get an interview with him.  The interview was great and he gave a lot of advice, at the end though he said that we would get to know each other real well after my mission and that this isnt going to be the last time he and I work together... Idk what he knows that I don't.  We also learned that we are having another visiter next month I will say it how President did  "You will all be happy to know that we will be having another visit next month.... An Apostle...........  Elder Jeffery R. Holland (all the missionaries freaked out)" I havent been up to too much just working. Spanish is going good. There is a thing here in February for like a week called carnival and it is a giant water fight for the whole week. I am feeling really comfortable here. 

Elder Roney

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Week 10 in Ecuador

I feel like my mission is going super fast. The end of next change and i hit 6 months. My week was fine nothing too interesting happened. Didn't tour anywhere recently.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 9 in Ecuador

I just started my black year so thats pretty cool. I dont have any baptisms coming up because everyone was gone for the holidays and it was hard to find people. For new years we studied our scriptures and read talks. We woke up at almost 12 because it was getting super loud and crazy and we looked out the window and everyone was burning stuff..... we dont even live on a main street and it got crazy. My companion is doing great and we are having lots of fun. Today we went to one of the volcanoes that people live inside of which was awesome. No gross food this week gladly.  I am in charge of one of the talks. Topic is missionary work.  I do talking if i understand what people are saying or need to hear. The people here are awesome. Its cool to see that the less they have the more they want to give.

Elder Roney