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Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 17 in Ecuador

I was super excited to hear Caroline was called to Chile and its super cool she will being speaking spanish too!! So for my week i dont know if Hermana Richardson put the pics up on her facebook yet but here is what happened saturday. My companion and I had 2 baptisms and our district leader had a family of 4 being baptized. So we combined them all together and President and Sister Richardson came to support everyone and took pictures with us.  
Elder Roney

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 16 in Ecuador

i am glad God speaks Spanish because thats the easiest language for me to pray in. When I met Elder Holland we only told him our name and where we were from. Then he said something to each missionary but to me he said (I am glad to have you here) or something like that. But during the meeting he explained that was his interview for everyone because he just wanted to look in our eyes. He than said he was super proud of us and that this is one of the most obedient missions he has ever seen and one of the best groups of missionaries. Then he talked about how mad he gets when the interviews turn out different and his wife (runs out the door) he said and then he said that she's like (I dont know that man i have never seen him in my life) haha it was funny. Then he started getting fired up and talked about return missionaries that are inactive and told us that is the worst thing he has ever seen. He also told us not to worry about numbers and explained how the Prophet Abinidi only converted one person (alma) but it turned out alma converted thousands. Its crazy though that he had like at least 7 devotionals while he was here and he didn't use notes for a single one he just talked and the only thing he read from was his scriptures.

My Companion and I are doing fine and have two baptisms this week and three more for march. The three for march is a dad and two kids, the mom is less active and the kids are (13,11,6,3).  

I am reading the scriptures in Spanish cause i finished english twice and I bold anywhere it mentions god or jesus or similar names.  I marked a lot of scriptures and everything. I like where it describes captain moroni around alma 40 ish and says what would happen if everyone was like him.  


Elder Roney

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 15 in Ecuador

I am doing a lot better. Yesterday we had our stake conference with Elder Holland and it was super cool and he spoke in English.  I liked one of the stories he told about a kid that ran away from home instead of going on a mission and got into drugs in New York and then into a motorcycle gang in California and no one in his family knew where he was for 20 years until one day a missionary felt like he needed to talk to him and he learned that it was his older brother who ran away when he was a baby and ended up being assigned to the mission and sector to find his brother after 20 years. I really enjoyed listening to him. We have another meeting with him on Wednesday.  We took pictures with our group with Elder Holland.  I think i might be in the next liahona if they put the picture of me in it.  I think i pretty much have the language down as long as no one speaks fast.  Now i just have to learn to like rice.

Elder Roney

Week 14 in Ecuador

Elder Roney didn't give much of an updated besides letting us know he has been sick.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 13 in Ecuador

My week here was interesting. my companion is cool but he is leaving soon so he gets distracted easily... one day he went to a jewelry store to find a ring for his girlfriend. He's helpful with the language but is ready to get married. Followed a trail of footprints of blood for almost an hour the other day... and some 50 year old lady gave me a hug and kissed my cheek when i tried to shake her hand but other than that nothing too interesting has happened.

Elder Roney

Washing my shirt by hand