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Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 56 in Ecuador

Are you counting how many Pdays i have left? We dont really do too much here p day because we always ending up spending all our money traveling to meetings,wednesday through friday we will be in Quito because we have a meeting with Elder Montoya and we have to sleep there because we cant travel at night and the trip is 9 hours. Christmas they do celebrate but not the same as in the states. They just have a dinner and thats about it cause no one normally has that much money to buy presents or anything. This week we spent alot of time traveling to Lago to have a meeting with President and also spent time traveling to the far parts of our sector. The coolest thing that happened was when we visited the Abril Family. They are less actives who live 1 hour away. We went to visit them and everyone had lots of really good questions. (the dad doesnt like going to church because he thinks he has to make up all the tithing he hasnt paid). Camila (13) Asked us a ton of questions about tithing and then later explained that she has been saving her tithing in a piggy bank because her family hasnt been going to church so she is saving it there until they go to church and she can pay her tithing. Well thats the first time i have ever seen a less active that saves their tithing which was super awsome. Camila and Her brother want to go to church but their parents dont want to send them in a bus alone and they dont want to take their kids to church. We are working on getting them to church.  The branch president was surprised when we said that in the branch council meeting and said just for that he is going to visit them today and talk to the parents and try and get them to come to church again

We dont go near the water cause thats where the snakes hide. Idk i have seen lots of turtles and iguanas.  I found a Cockroach in my shoe today so that was a bit interesting.

That magic fruit thing that makes lemons sweet


Got me a bag of coconut juice

I named him dinner.... the family didnt really like that

Very interesting Dog


this is what happens when they give you too much rice

Check out my farmers tan

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 55 in Ecuador

The high from the week... THE SUN AND HEAT hahahaha no we were finally able to find new investigaters. we normally only find 1 a week but this week we were able to find 9. Low of the week would probably be that there is a ton of sun and it drains all my energy.  Being in the Jungle is pretty cool. Its hot.... you eat things you dont normally plan on eating.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 54 in Ecaudor

My companion and I are both going to stay here in coca.  I am happy to stay here. It is 2 times more humid then back home in the summer but i am used to it. The Low of the week is we contacted a ton of people and no one we contacted accepted us.... The high is that right after we were tired of getting rejected from people we passed by a motorcycle shop and a big dude called us over to ask us a question because "everywhere he asked people answered in a different way" and that he felt like he needed to ask us because to him we seemed "like angels sent from god to help people find the light" he was our only new investigater this week and also canceled all his plans Sunday and showed up to church.  I have eaten all sorts of animals here.  Armadillo kinda tastes like chicken, turtle.... more like rattle snake or iguana.  I heard who the new president is going to be.  Everyone here is telling me that i am not going to be able to find any mexican food when i get home hahaha.

I think the sun here has killed my hair

¿Its Christmas?!

So the turtle and whatever this thing is...... If anyone is wondering what they give me to get sick here wonder no more hhahaha

Run turtle run....... BEFORE WE EAT YOU!!! hahahahaha

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 53 in Ecuador

I came back without parasites which is good and they told me to just try not to eat where i cant control the food.... where i am if you dont eat what they give you they kick you out of the house so idk how i am gonna control what i eat.  Its super cool here in Coca but they try to feed you worms or sometimes monkey brains so thats not too fun.
I am back in Coca working like normal again.  The high of my week would probably be that I am not sick now and can work again because i really didnt like not being able to work... the low is that i had 3 Iv's hahaha.