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Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 34 in Ecuador

I am doing great.  On tuesday we didnt have food to eat because our mamita fell so we went to the mall and realized we didnt have too much money. Then out of no where some guy from California walked up to us and explained his brother is on a mission in Atlanta and he made a promise he would invite whatever missionaries he sees to eat... he reached in his pocket and handed us a 20 and we started asking him if he was sure and thanking him a ton... 20 is the same as like 50 dollars here so it was pretty crazy. Then I met a return missionary in our ward from Carolines mission. And today we went to Quincentro to go Bowling with the ditstrict. Bowling was fun.  My comp speaks english and doesnt want to use spanish at all so it gives me a break and its funny because he always sings songs in english.  Oh and Thursday I worked in one of my old sectors and got to see all the people i used to teach which was cool. And before bowling i went to the food court because i knew one of my converts would be cooking sushi like he always was. He knows exactly how long i have been here because he was in my first sector  and he was surprised at how my spanish was. He was super surprised because i was using the coast accent which is where he was from.  Quito is fine it is just cold at night and its a giant city.  This week we are meeting our new Mission President.  Im excited for that.

When someone takes your camera

Cake Smash



Cameron and his companion

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 33 in Ecuador

I got transfered to quito now so zika shouldnt be a problem. Now I can stop getting sick from the mosquito's.  I took a six hour bus ride to get here. I forgot that in Quito it gets cold.  My new companion is Elder Soto and we work in Carcelen 2. He is from Ecuador.  After Ecuador lost to united states in the soccer match, no one would talk to me.  

Love, Elder Roney

When you learn you are getting transfered super late at night.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 32 in Ecuador

Everyone in our ward seems to get the cool mission calls haha. Congrats with your personal progress and with the baptism... wish people here were like saylor and would run to the font. My week was just tons of bus rides. We had our last meeting with president and had to travel far so we had to go home on a night bus.  Thats all thats interesting that happened i think.  Oh i put a new decoration on my nametag.... let me know whatcha think.  Everyone here has tons of animals here!!! I chased this guy for like 5 minutes just to get a picture.  I hate mosquitos.  I have some spray but nothing works. I am from the US so my blood attracts all the insects.


Elder Roney

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 31 in Ecuador

The part I like the most is the people are really cool. They always want to give us stuff and the only thing they ask for is that we pray for them. It is also really cool how we can easily find food. When we get hungry and want to buy food we keep on working and almost everytime find someone new to teach that gives us food.The food i do like the lady that lives downstairs invites us over sometimes to teach us how to cook. Last thing was Encocado.  It is like fish or shrimp or whatever thing cooked in a pot of stuff mixed with the inside of a coconut shell. Her husband is half paralyzed on one side of his body so sometimes we help her with him.  Here are some kids of the families I teach.  Love, Elder Roney

crazy family i teach

My comp getting attacked by a bear dog thing

Some bird that tried to bite me when i tried opening the door