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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last email from Columbia

Nothing much to report.  This was Cameron's last e-mail from the MTC.  In a couple of days he boards a plane and is headed to Ecuador.  We are so proud of Cameron and are so happy to see the sheer joy in his face.  Cameron isnt one for many words, but his smile on his face means everything to us.  We are a proud family of Cameron and his sacrifice and service.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Touring Columbia

I had a good week so far. We went out for three hours and met some really cool people that wanted to talk to us and thought it was amazing that we would go somewhere knowing not that much about the place we were going and said they would go to church to see why we are so willing to leave to teach people. I went on a tour today which was cool. I ate an ant and rode a llama 14 more days until i get out of the mtc and can make my own food. 

Selfies are a lot harder with out my phone

Here is the ant I ate. Taste like crunchy salt and dirt... and it is weird to swallow

Also a couple things i keep forgetting. First every transfer you can get more nametags and i am thinking of trading one with each of my companions and framing them. I have a hard time praying now too cause we cant use english but the advice they gave us was to just have a conversation with god from the heart. I hope that helps. The traffic in virginia is amazing compared to here.Thanks i am doing better in spanish. I normally do best when im not trying hard though which is weird. Like when i try hard i dont know any words but when i just go with what i think is the right way to say something i normally get it close to being right

I am leaving the MTC and going on a plane on November 3rd.  Im excited  to make my own food and have  bigger boundries in Ecuador.


Elder Roney

Friday, October 16, 2015

Nothing too new has happened yet. we are talking to people for three hours tomorrow. We went to the temple today and took some new pictures.  I am fine i just dont like the food. some days for breakfast we get a boiled egg and a roll. Its hard to email nothing really happens it is literally just spanish class all day so nothing new.

Elder Roney

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The weeks are going faster now. I just started my third week in the mtc which means im almost halfway done here.

I haven’t been able to get any names done because we are always in a rush to get to the temple because traffic is terrible. I liked all the talks and had a couple favorites. I broke my watch playing basketball so I might need a new one. I really miss everyone a lot and am excited for weekly p days instead of it being random. My favorite talks in order are Russell M Nelson, Robert d. Hales, Bradley D. Foster, and Gary e Stevenson Sunday. Sorry if my spelling is bad but these computers underline every English word in red so I never know if I’m spelling right and don’t know how to use contractions on them. Ill be able to email for a little bit today.

I only got two pictures today because we were rushed.
Apparently I get to ride a llama in two weeks so I will try to get a picture of that too

Waking up is fine but today it was extra early because we said goodbye to the natives at 3:30 am.  Natives are normally people from the countries around here and they train for two weeks. They normally go to their own country because some countries here its impossible to get into unless you are from there. Most are Venezuelans I think. We learned some Spanish from them so that was cool. They didn’t really pack a lot of stuff so that was weird to see how some people can fit all their stuff in one carry on bag.  I am excited to go to Ecuador in November.

We get to get to the temple 5 times while we are here. We also get to go walk outside and teach. The first time it was only for an hour but our next two times it’s for 3 hours.

Elder Roney

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It’s crazy here. The traffic is terrible. An ambulance rear ended a bus and got destroyed. Food is kinda weird it is all South American. We have a fruit called a granadia you should look at pictures and tell me what you think. To me it looks like boogers and seeds. I dont really need anything yet and im going to send mom all my pictures so far. 

Spanish is kinda hard. I only know a little of the stuff right when I need it during practice lessons. No English allowed, if we do English we have to do pushups

My companion is great. He used to play Waterpolo.

My flight was ok. Ive flown a lot by myself.  In Atlanta I met up with all of the other missionaries in my group.

These computers are so slow and I can only send two at a time.

We went to the temple today but I couldn’t do family names at the temple because no workers understood English.

It’s hard to type here cause all the keys are moved. Everything is fine so far except for everything being in Spanish. It’s kind of hard to eat but i'm starting to get used to it. I’m getting good at taking pictures. I also get to email Tuesday.

Elder Roney