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Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 25 in Ecuador

I am still in Quininde. My new companion is pretty cool, he doesn't have a ton of confidence when he teaches so i end up having to talk way more but we are working on that. The people here say that there are like 3 earthquakes everyday but I haven't felt them. My area the homes are fine so we don't have to do any rebuilding. I get to call in like 3 weeks so don't miss me too much. I didn't get the package yet but i probably will in a week or two, It takes longer here in the coast because the zone leaders only go the first week of the month to the offices instead of every other week.

I got charged by a couple pigs and almost eaten by some giant dogs.  It rains here ALOT.  The water is more blue when its not raining.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 24 in Ecuador

He is Safe, Elder Roney is safe.  Its like music to my ears.

Well I am alive. It made all other earthquakes seem like nothing... there are a few houses that aren't houses any more and in the mission south of us there are tons of things destroyed. And we are about to have a ton of new members i think because the sisters started praying when they were in the street and people started grabbing at their legs asking them to save them.

We were able to check on the houses of people we visit and make sure they were ok.  I received a new companion. I am in quininde and the epicenter was manta... I cant use google to look up distance.. No but it was a super big earthquake like the one we had were buddy ran for the oreos.... 10x as bad as that one.

Elder Roney

The group of brave missionaries that we close to the epicenter

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 22 in Ecuador

I wasn't at the chapel yet so i missed the annoucement of the temple..... but it was hinted at by Elder Holland in Feb. when he was here for my stake conference. He said if they keep the temple busy who knows maybe there might be a new one in quito.  My favorite talk was the one from priesthood session by Russel m Nelson.  My week was great but we didn't do hardly anything because we had a ton of meetings and we were only able to work Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday after conference. 

How cute is Cameron and his Companion.  When they have meetings they wear
matching ties.